ETB Group

On its journey up to today, ETB GROUP, the foundations of which were laid in 2003, has reached the present, growing with its experience and accumulation knowledge obtained in Europe. Starting its commercial life with call centre services, in time the company turned to various fields such as aesthetics, medical equipment, school equipment, and natural therapy products, turning into a group of companies.

With its 8 branches and over 350 employees, ETB GROUP is the largest Turkish company supplying call centre services to countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. Reaching target populations through inbound and outbound calls and e-mail, it has adopted the principle of supplying services with a focus on 100% customer satisfaction and keeping efficiency in the foreground.

With its health tourism, medical equipment, school equipment, and natural therapy products, the company serves its customers with uncompromising quality, being aware that a superior brand quality, advanced technology and a satisfied customer portfolio constitute the most valuable capital.

With a vision and mission that gives importance to producing quality products and services, considers research and knowledge as a social responsibility and respecting quality standards, ETB GROUP continues its domestic and international operations.

Since 2003...

An important value in the domestic and international world of business with his innovative work and vision, Erol Tazegül was born in Berlin. He graduated from the Ankara Gazi University, Department of German Language and Literature. During his university education he worked as a coordinator at a political research company.

After completing his studies successfully in Turkey, he went to Germany to work and conduct research in various sectors. His entrepreneurship and his desire to explore innovation helped him notice an important shortage in the field of call centres in Germany. Returning to Turkey in 2003, Erol Tazegül went into business and became the Chairman of the Board of ETB Group.

Creating a pilot group consisting of 20 students from the Marmara University Department of German Language and Literature, he took on the duty of promoting medical supplements for Novartis and Pfizer. Continuing his work with the large companies of the sector in the Netherlands and Belgium thanks to his professional efforts, he brought ETB Group into the domestic and international arena.

Achieving a rapid rise in the business world with his industry, honesty and successful human relations, Erol Tazegül continues his work based on trust and quality with over 500 employees and tens of projects.

In 3 years winning 140.000 customers to NederleandseEnergieMaatschappij, a power company operating in the Netherlands, ETB GROUP has broken a record in this field. Although the Dutch market is considerably choosy, ETB GROUP earned a quality award from among 10 call centres, announcing its leadership among the best of the sector.

Specialising in the sectors it served on country basis, ETB GROUP gained expertise in the power and gas field in the Netherlands, medical supplements and health in Germany, and telecommunication in Belgium, while specialising in health in Turkey with its cooperation with hospitals. Supplying call centre services to world-famous corporations such as Unicef, the Turkish Red Crescent, Greepeace, RodeKruis and Belgacom, ETB GROUP continues its work with its branches in Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, İzmir, Trabzon and Denizli.