Eliminates Cigarette-Alcohol Malodour in the Breath in Only 30 Seconds

The point from which the ST-SIN brand and products set out is simple and obvious. As you know, in relations between individuals, every kind of odour is disturbing. Bad breath is chief among these problems. The consumption of alcohol and cigarettes finds a place in people's life, sometimes from need and sometimes from habit, with changes in social environments and relations. Also, solutions to the problem of bad breath are limited.

ST-SIN consists of 100% natural products that eliminate bad breath within 30 seconds when used after a glass of alcohol or a cigarette. The product also eliminates the smell of onions and garlic, which are the irreplaceable ingredients of many dishes. Produced in Germany and marketed world-wide by the Swiss company EVONITY AG, ST-SIN products totally eliminate bad breath caused by alcohol, cigarettes and garlics-onions.

Achieving a sales of 1 million pieces in its first year in Europe, the marketing of ST-SIN in Turkey and in other countries of the region is conducted by ETB Group. That ST-SIN, which contains no additives, is 100% natural and has no side effects has been certificated by world-renown health certificates (GRAS).

ST-SIN products also differ from other products in that they can be easily kept in pockets, bags, cars, offices and homes.

Marketed to the entire world by the company Evonity AG, ST-SIN products are approved by the German Food Control and Central Research Institute (KreisGüterslochVeterinaerundLebensmittelüberwachungsamt). Containing no additives, the product is certified as having no side affects by world-renown health certificates (GRAS). The shelf life of ST-SIN products, which are introduced to the Turkish customer with the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture, is 2 years.

ST.SIN No 1: Tablet Against Alcohol Odour
Totally eliminates alcohol odour in 30 seconds.

ST.SIN No 2: Onion - Garlic Jelly Babies
Removes the unpleasant odour of onions and garlics both from the breath and from the body in only 30 seconds after being used. Neutralises odour

ST.SIN No 3: Tablet Against Cigarette Odour
Eliminates the odour of cigarettes 30 seconds after being chewed and spread in the mouth.

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