Germany's Greatest Schoolbag and Accessory Brand

ETB GROUP is the Turkey distributor of Scout Schoolbags, the best schoolbags brand, in order to contribute to the healthy development of children and to lighten their burden.

Of various models and width, Scout schoolbags provide children with products that are durable, safe and fit for all weather conditions. To ensure a healthy comfort, the back profiles of all models are slightly contoured with ventilation canals, ensuring that the bags fit perfectly to children regardless of their ages and figures (anatomy).

Scout bags are generally very lightweight. They have s-shaped shoulder straps with optimised widths. All weight is distributed evenly across the back through correct adjustment. Scout schoolbags ensure excellent visibility in daylight or under low lighting conditions thanks to the prominent fluorescent material used. Even under severe weather conditions, the bag ensures that the child is seen from both far and close, especially in traffic.

The Independent German Inspection Corporation "StiftungWarentest" recommends that safety is a priority buying a schoolbag. Therefore, products that fully meet schoolbag norms must be chosen.

Scout Basic schoolbags are developed by Orthopaedists and designers, and are adapted according to the needs of primary school children. They comply with the strict safety and quality norms identified by "DIN 58124" of the German Standards Institute.

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