Health from nature...

Thermotherapy has been used for many years as a natural method to soothe pain and accelerate the rehabilitation process. The natural and specially processed mixture of cereals in the Natur&Therapie cushion keeps the heat and cold from escaping, presenting it gradually and evenly to the body during application. The natural raw materials in the cushion produced their effect to assist the healing process.

It has been used to replace hot water bottles or ice compresses for many years, especially in Europe. It differs from other products in that it consists totally of natural raw materials and is capable of transferring the heat to your body as dry. The Natur&Therapie cushions wrap the body and transmit the heat or cold to the application zone gradually and evenly. In addition to the natural smell it emits, it may be used comfortably and without worry. Besides its application at homes, it is also frequently used in hospitals and physical therapy centres.

Our Products Are 100% Natural. Ministry of Agriculture Approved.

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