Why ETB Health Care?

Providing 24/7 uninterrupted service, ETB HealthCare has made it its goal to provide its customers the most accurate treatment in the fastest manner. For this reason, you can consider yourself in safe hands as soon as you contact ETB HealthCare. The best treatment at the most reasonable price is researched and brought to you, while you don't wait in line for an appointment. Thanks to our quick appointment service, you can reach the service at the quality you desire whenever you want to.

With a team of experienced physicians and state-of-the-art devices at international standards, we provide you with all facilities you need for your treatment. During your stay in Turkey, you will enjoy many privileges, accommodation services in particular. ETB HealthCare aims at rendering your health trip enjoyable by offering you accommodation at the best 5-star hotels. You may also take advantage of numerous services from transfer to guidance. You may also enjoy our optional services such as spa visits, healing water tours or city tours.

You must not forget that, while taking advantage of all these facilities, you will be in the safe hands of personal ETB consultants fluent in your language.

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